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STEM Geeks

STEM Geeks aims to be the leading resource on STEM subjects, products , and news. STEM, an acronym for Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, has become the most in-demand of qualifications in recent years. This is because Stem Education, Coding, Programming, and Engineering are currently the most in-demand qualifications required by most tech companies.

The fast paced evolution of technology and how it affects our lives means that STEM qualified people have an edge in the job market. In the same way, entrepreneurs can use such skills to create programs, software and applications that could change the world, or at the very least help others.

From coding and programming resources, tips and informative articles, to STEM Kits, Toys and news updates you can find it all at STEM GEEKS. Our goal is to help you along your journey in STEM learning so that you get the best out of your hobby or Career.

-If you have a STEM related product or news story you’d like to share with us and our loyal readers of STEM GEEKS, feel free to get in touch at coding[at]stemgeeks.org.