What is Coding?

For those involved in STEM environments, coding is a necessary requirement, a crucial step in making computer software, app or website. The page you are reading this article from, the program which opens it, and even the device you are using right now, are all a product of coding. All of the programs we use when we are on our computers, smart phones or tablet devices are a product of code. Simply put, coding definition therefore means a system of signals.

Learning how to code has a lot of benefits; no matter if you want to do it for a career, as a hobby, or you just like to try out new things. A lot of jobs in technology require code knowledge and it is for this reason coding for kids in now extremely popular. In this article we will talk about how coding works and what are the benefits of learning code and implementing it in your work.

How Coding Works


Okay, now we know what is coding, but how does it work actually? In basic layman language, coding tells your device what to do. The more complicated, in depth answer is, that a computer can only understand you by two commands: on and off. In fact, the whole computer is just a collection of on/off transistors, so anything it does is basically just a combination of certain transistors turned on and other ones turned off.

Computers use a binary code, in which these on and off combinations are represented as 1’s and 0’s. A binary code is grouped into bytes, groups of different 8 digits representing 8 transistors. For example, 10110010. Computers we use nowadays contain millions or billions of transistors like these, with an astonishing large number of combinations.


With such a large number of combinations, programming anything would present a difficult and time consuming task. Coding programs play a very important task. It would be nearly impossible for a programmer to do this task on his own. That is why there are many programming languages which do this part of the job for the programmer.

How to Build a Coding Project

There are hundreds, even thousands of programming languages out there, every one of them specializing for a different purpose, either website making, app developing or creating software.

The most popular programming languages are JavaScript, Python, HTML and CSS. All languages are similar in their core, so when you learn one, you would have no problem in mastering other languages. Whether your coding games, applications, or websites, learning to code could become your best decision yet.

The Benefits of Learning to Code

When you master the art of coding, it can give you a lot of possibilities that otherwise you wouldn’t have.  You could do whatever you wish: create your own app or website from scratch, make a career out of selling your coding skills or even start your own technology business. Most of all, you would be able to understand how the everyday technology around us works.  You have, without any doubt, heard people talk about the importance of being able to code, and that is absolutely true.

In today’s day and age, the ability to code could put you a step above your competition in your career. Coding for beginners courses allow you to start coding programs and software. As mentioned before, the most important thing in all of this is that you will gain the in-depth understanding of how the devices you use work, as well as be able to create programs that can be useful to many people.

With a lot of effort and some luck, you will be able to write whole scripts and tasks to make your everyday tasks, and others’ easier.


It’s astonishing when you think about it, that a system based on something as simple and primitive as a binary code can be so powerful and create such complex and impressive things.  There are a lot of online courses in coding for beginners available. Whether its coding for kids or you’re a mature student there is no reason not to try. You’ll be able to technology better as well as being able to write code.