programming and coding languages


What is Programming?

Computer programming is the process in which real world or computing problems are solved through a series of algorithms that results in an executable computer program. A basic programming definition would be to say that it is the language used to make computers work. This page is a resource for anyone who would like to learn computer programming.

Before you can program you need to have an end goal in mind. This is because without a working idea for an algorithm there can’t be an executable program. In order to make an executable program you need to analyze the problem to develop an understanding of it. Only then is it possible to  generate an algorithm to solve the problem and render it in a computer programming language of your choice. This action is called coding in developer circles. Coding is an absolutely crucial part of programming, from useful computer programs and websites to apps and other software.

The sole purpose of basic computer programming is to find and control a sequence of transistors which allows you to automatically perform a task or solve a problem. To be able to program you need to be experienced and knowledgeable in many different subjects. STEM learning such as coding, algorithms, application domain and formal logic are all useful in computer programming.

Computer Programming Languages

In the greater scheme of things, programming is just one step in the whole software development process. This encompasses a lot of other steps, there are many quality requirements that a program must pass. The most important include reliability, usability, maintainability and of course efficiency. This article focuses on the topics which form the basis of computer programs. Consequently, algorithms, development, and what programming languages to use when writing your code.

Programming for beginners will include the answer to the question what is programming language? An understanding of computer code and languages then has to be built once you understand how to use code.

Algorithms represent solutions to problems by providing the necessary data to required to deal with it. The way that the program languages work is that they provide the basic statement so that the algorithm produces a representation. All of this data that is being analyzed via the algorithms is represented in binary digits, or Bit for short. Bits are therefore considered to be building block of any computer program.

There are a lot of basic computer programming languages available, and all of them serve their separate purpose. When choosing a language, you should first consider what you want to make. You can then decide how the program is beneficial to your task and how it performs certain operations, etc.

Most Common Programming Languages

The most well known and popular programs and coding languages include the following:

  • programming and coding languagesPhP: PHP is a coding language for creating web pages. In this instance PHP produces dynamic websites and works as the database of all the content on a website. The language therefore has the ability to send queries in SQL and outputs in HTML that website users can see. As with JavaScript, PHP’s server is mainly web servers as one of the easiest to learn of computer programs languages.
  • JavaScript: One of the most commonly used coding languages is JavaScript, a popular type of code used in websites. More recently,  JavaScript has seen increased use on web servers through the open-source JavaScript environment Node.js. JavaScript is used to program how web pages behave and so its main use is to add functionality and interactivity. As a result, JavaScript’s popularity is such that it has grown to become one of 3 languages that all web developers must learn in addition to CSS and HTML.
  • HTML: HyperText Markup Language, more commonly referred to in the coding community as HTML, is one of the most basic building blocks of the internet.
  • Ruby: Ruby is a popular coding language that is well liked by coders due to its focus on their needs rather than for computers. Still, Ruby is a high-level interpreted coding language whose popularity stems from its association to the Ruby on Rails framework.


Though all of these vary in their purpose, they are all similar in their core. Most programmers say that if you are able to learn one programming language, that you will be able to learn all of them with relative ease. Although it requires a bit of hard work, there are many benefits if you learn computer programming. In any case programming for beginners is usually staggered to accommodate new coders.

Programming involves a lot of separate tasks, such as testing and debugging the developed program. Maintaining the developed code is another task that will require your meticulous work and dedication. All of this goes into programs, and it is just a part of developing successful software. Programming is a difficult job which takes a lot of time to master. But for those who can stay patient and focus, you will be pleased with the results. Because there are few things as rewarding as when you make something with your own hands.