Crazy Circuits Modular Electronics

Crazy Circuits: Modular Electronic Parts that are Compatible with LEGO

Brown Dog Gadgets, a Milwaukee based hobby-electronics company has created some ingenious modular electronics called Crazy Circuits.  The fun STEM electronics parts are compatible with LEGO and can be use to make your creations move, light up, or make sounds. The kit is the brainchild of former middle school science teacher Joshua Zimmerman. Crazy Circuits is now looking for backers on Crowd-funding site KickStarter.

Crazy Circuits: LEGO Compatible Electric Fun

Crazy Circuits

If you love LEGO, or have children who play with the famous building brick, crazy circuits looks to be an exciting prospect. Instead of competing with LEGO’s brand power Zimmerman’s choice to make the modular electronics compatible is a wise move. For those looking to get started in STEM projects and learning, Crazy Circuits seems like a pretty fun way to do so. The former teacher quit his formal job after the success of several prototypes in online maker forums. Zimmerman then set up Brown Dog Gadgets to live his dream of creating hobby electronics kits.

Crazy Circuits is one of those and anyone interested can now back the clever modular electronics on KickStarter.  The project requires a full funding of $50,000 for it to go ahead and has already raised just over $14,000 at the time of writing. There are currently 21 days left of the campaign so head on over to the projects page to check it out.

The unique and ingenious brick-based electronics are perfect for creative maker enthusiasts and anyone interested in STEM subjects. In being compatible with LEGO, Crazy Circuits offers something for everyone, and will help to electrify any of your creations.

Monthly Projects and More STEM Kits

Once the product is fully funded, Crazy Circuits will go into production. Brown Dog plans to release a new kit every month. Each monthly box will include a beginner project to help you learn the basics. The kit will also include a more advanced kit to test the skills you have learnt.

As with LEGO, users can either choose to follow the accompanying instructions or make their own creations.

That’s not all for those who subscribe to the Crazy Circuits monthly projects. The company has also partnered with a number of well known names in the maker industry to include their products in the subscription box. Extra items include other specialty building bricks, conductive pens and paint, robots and much more in addition to Crazy Circuits kit.

For the more technically minded who want to find out more about Crazy Circuits modular electronics, the company champions open source hardware and software. In that respect, all the design files and electronic part numbers will be made available for download from its GitHub repository. Past projects will also be free so anyone can create their own projects and parts using the resources.

Its clear that Crazy Circuits is a clever idea that will also appeal to STEM Geeks, and we sincerely hope that the products makes it to production. For now the modular electronics KickStarter campaign is still open to anyone wishing to back this wonderful invention.


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